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Welcome. It was the year of anniversaries. The Amelia Earhart mystery turned 75, the Titanic Disaster turned 100, and the biggest mystery in the Civil War turned 150 years old whose  Emancipation Proclamation anniversary was Jan. 1, 2013.

Finally these and the other mysteries are solved through the use of the only  Remote Viewer in History to be decorated by a Military for making, "Key Contributions to the U.S. Armed Forces" (medal left).  To see his incredible set of military credentials click here.

Click on any of the titles. What you are about to read is the data the Pentagon would have received if they targeted these events in the interests of the People of the United States.​ 

After reading one book a buyer blogged: "The quality of Remote Viewing demonstrated is quite simply astonishing and sets the standard of what to expect from expert professional remote viewing." this text.